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We translate from English and Swedish to Danish and from Danish to English.

When performing software localization you can either submit the source text to us in e.g. Win32, .NET, or XLIFF format and we then use our own tools for translation, or if you wish to use your own applications for localization, this is not a problem. Your localization application only needs to be web based so we can access it.

We then translate the source material. We use SDL Passolo, but the translation as mentioned can also be done directly in your own localization application. In the latter case it is often posssible to submit and correct errors online, if e.g. the translation of a specifik term must only be a fixed number of characters.

When translating we simultaneously check the quality by using spell checking, string length control, terminolgy control, etc.

We then submit the translation back to you (or notify you if we have used your own online localization tool).

Software Localization can also include a test of the appearance of the localized text in the application, e.g. does the translated text for a button fit the button size, etc. For this type of test we always use an O/S with the same language (e.g. a Danish version of Microsoft Windows XP) as the translated application.

For translation we use SDL Passolo 2007, 2009 and 2011. For some customers we have installed and are using their own software localization software.

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