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We translate from English and Swedish to Danish and from Danish to English.

You submit the source text to us. We can handle several different file types, e.g. MS Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or documents already prepared for translation software such as TTX format for Trados. You can also deliver a PDF file which we will transform into text by help of an OCR application.

If the source text file or files are too big to be sent by e-mail, we can either collect the files on your FTP server or you can send them to us on e.g. a CD or DVD.

Upon receipt we translate the source text. For this we use a CAT application (Computer Aided Translation). This has NOTHING to do with machine translation, but is an application, which stores already translated terms into an SQL database, ensuring that the translator will/can use the exact same translation again, if the term appears in the source text again later on. This ensures a consistent translation, resulting in a better experience for your end-user.

After translation we perform a quality check using spell checking, format control, terminology adherence control, and, if there are more than one source file, a comparison of all files to ensure that terms and expressions are translated similarly. If you have submitted terminology sheets and/or style guides, we also compare the translated text with these.

We then send the translated text back to you. As by receipt of the source material we are able to submit the translated material in a number of formats and on several different medias.

For translation we use Microsoft Office (2003 and 2010), SDL Trados 2007/2011 and SDLX CAT tools as translation tool (including SDL MultiTerm) and ApSIC Xbench as validation tool for quality checking. At last - but not least - we use common sense.

Company Profile You can download a description of our services here.

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